Wednesday, November 18, 2009

US government connected to heroin trade

The US government is neck deep in heroin. The CIA maybe contributing to heroine trafficking from Afghanistan, while thousands of veterans of the War on Terror come back home seeking substance abuse treatment. The CIA may have been using government money which is suspected of being used to traffic heroin from Afghanistan into the US and other Western countries. Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of Afghani president Hamid Karzai, has been receiving payments from the CIA for acting as a go-between for negotiations with the Taliban. Karzai is also suspected of aiding in the trafficking of opium, which eventually ends up as heroine in the US and other Western nations. This adds to the continuing history of the CIA's involvement in the illegal drug trade. However, the US War on Terror’s impact on heroin trafficking reaches further than Afghanistan.

America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have caused destabilization in both of these countries, enabling drug traffickers and suppliers to more easily distribute opiates throughout Europe and the US. Afghanistan in particular is of concern, because it is the world’s largest producer of heroine. Since the US invaded Afghanistan in 2006 opium production in the country has increased rapidly from 3400 tons, peaking at 8200 tons in 2007 and finally leveling out at 7700 tons in 2008, according to UN Drug Reports. Ninety-two percent of the world’s opium comes from Afghanistan poppy plants, according to the 2008 UN World Drug Report.

However, the US government’s problem with heroin does not end in Afghanistan. Thousands of US military personnel are becoming addicted to opiates while serving in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan. Twenty-two thousand Iraq and Afghanistan veterans sought substance abuse treatment in 2008, which is more than double from 2006, according to Signs of the Times. Despite hard evidence of access to heroin in Afghanistan and widespread drug abuse problems among US soldiers the Drug Enforcement Agency does not any case officers serving in Afghanistan or Iraq looking into drug trafficking. It maybe likely that heroin will become a major problem, in many ways, for American society as a result of the US War on Terror.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CIA Algerian Rape Case

Whatever happened to the CIA Algerian rape case? The story broke in January about a senior CIA official who had allegedly drugged Muslim women using Xanax and Valium as a date rape drug. Supposedly, he also made video tapes of the sexual encounters.

check out the story here

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Docs Still Maybe Withheld in CIA Torture Tapes Case

(The Intelligence Daily) -- Two weeks ago, the CIA said in court documents that it would not turn over documents to the ACLU related to the destruction of 92 interrogation videotapes because it would compromise the integrity of a special prosecutor’s criminal investigation into the matter.

But on Monday, the Justice Department, acting on behalf of the CIA, submitted a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein that said the CIA would no longer rely on that argument as the basis for withholding documents from the civil rights organization related to the destruction of the videotapes. The reversal comes after Hellerstein demanded that Durham and other CIA officials provide the court with a sworn affidavit to back up claims that Durham's probe would be hindered by the production of relevant documents in the CIA torture case. In December 2007, the ACLU filed a motion to hold the CIA in contempt for its destruction of the interrogation tapes in violation of a court order requiring the CIA to produce or identify all records requested by the ACLU related to the CIA interrogation of “war on terror” detainees.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Who Killed John O'Neill? - CIA, 9/11, and war on drugs

Check out this great film, which explains a lot of the connections between the CIA, 9/11, and cocaine smuggling.

Right Wing Talk-Show Host Waterboarded: Admits It Is Torture

Right-Wing talk-show host Mancow tries out the CIA torture technique, waterboarding:

CIA Was Authorized to Keep Prisoners Awake for 11 Days

WASHINGTON – More than 25 of the CIA's war-on-terror prisoners were subjected to sleep deprivation during the administration of former president George W. Bush, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Citing memoranda made public by the Justice Department, the newspaper said that at one point, the CIA was allowed to keep prisoners awake for as long as 11 days.

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Kerry: CIA Lied About Contra-Cocaine Connections

The CIA would never lie to Congress about breaking the law, would it?

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) knows a little something about that. During the late 1980s, he led a two-and-a-half year investigation into the CIA, the Nicaraguan Contras and cocaine trafficking, and the senator was on the receiving end of CIA deception.

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Concern mounts over US Predator covert killings

The CIA is said to have carried out at least 16 Predator strikes in Pakistan during the first four months of this year, compared with 36 strikes in the whole of 2008. These have killed about 161 people since President Obama’s inauguration, according to news reports in Pakistan....

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